Bakwit: Responding to the Needs of Women and Girls in Conflict

A Documentary for Reproductive Health (c) 2013



(A documentary for Family Planning Organization of the Philippines. This was shot for 5 days in North Cotabato.)


It was end of October (2013) when The Coffee Creatives was invited by the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines to make a short documentary for the displaced women of North Cotobato. After packing our cameras, batteries and tripods, we set forth towards Davao. We were excited! This was one of our first projects as The Coffee Creatives. The travel from Manila-Davao-Cotobato took us almost 4 hours.

The team was composed of Mr. Laorence Castillo as production manager, myself (Karla Ujano) as director and lights and Nawruz Paguidopon as Director of Photography.  FPOP director, Mr. Nandy Senoc himself, joined and guided us through the place. We witnessed the situation of the evacuees in an elementary school in Paidu Pulangi, also known as “bakwits”.


They had already built small huts and were not allowed to go home for 3 months because of the armed conflict. Gunshots were as common as the floods they experienced. The community welcomed us as one of their own and were eager to wave at the camera as we passed by. 

Mainstream media covered the armed conflict, but did not say much on the situation of the people living in the area. Beyond the beautiful facade of Mt. Apo, through the alternating paved and rocky roads, what we saw through our cameras caught not only the views, and the stories, but also our hearts. KCU

Snapshots of brgy.paidu pulangi
Snapshots of our shoot in  Brgy. Paidu Pulangi, Cotobato

The team :)
The Coffee Creatives team.

Mt. Apo
We visited Mt. Apo